Hair Care

Hair Care

Hair fall can be a great cause of worry for anyone irrespective of gender or age. A common issue in todays day and age, it is further aggravated by stress, pollution and an erratic diet or lifestyle.

After all, as the wise old saying goes: ‘Hair is the crown you never take off’.

When it comes to the amount of time and effort that goes into hair care, some of us have a tough time.

             Hair Cut Styles

Basic Hair Cuts
Advanced Hair Cuts
Hair Styles
Hair Straightning Services
Hair Colouring

Basic Hair Cuts:

Basic hair is a filamentous bio material that grows from follicles found in the dermis. READ MORE

Advanced Hair Cuts:

In advanced haircut is a percentage that is subtracted from the market value of an asset that is being used as collateral.READ MORE

Hair Styles:

Hairstyles is a title used for international editions of a professional hairdressing magazine originally published in Barcelona, Spain under the name Peluquerias.READ MORE

Hair Straightening:

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique used since the 1890s involving the flattening and straightening of hair in order to give it a smooth, streamlined, and 'sleek' appearance.READ MORE

Hair Colouring:

Hair coloring is the practice of changing the color of hair. The main reasons for this practice are cosmetic.READ MORE